Send Them All Home. Let God Sort Them Out.

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Since the 2012 elections where the Hispanic and Asian vote went the way of Obama, a lot of debate has raged over immigration reform and how it should be instituted.  But there is a third side to the immigration debate that rarely receives any coverage in the media:  No immigration at all.

This third side opposes all immigration, both legal and illegal.  The group is led by three anti-immigration organizations:  The Federal of American Immigration Reform (FAIR); Numbers USA; and the Center for Immigration Studies.

The main concern of these groups is not the mundane “too much illegal immigration,” but rather “too much immigration leads to too much population growth.”  According to the Numbers USA president, our “grandchildren’s grandchildren” will live in a highly-regimented country approaching a billion people.  The president of FAIR has also commented that “the United States is already overpopulated,” and even wrote a book on the topic called The New Case Against Immigration:  Both Legal and Illegal.  All of these “anti-immigration” groups agree that the guest worker visas, Green Cards, and family-based visas should all be eliminated.  The end result of the elimination of all legal immigration would be the elimination of all immigration.  Period.

I want some of whatever they are smoking over there at FAIR and Numbers USA.

History has shown that if legal entry is not disrupted, illegal entry disappears.  It makes perfect sense when you think about it (if you think about it):  If you allow everyone who wants to come in, in, then the problem of someone entering “illegally” goes away entirely.  But if you make all immigration illegal, then people will just find a way to come in anyway because . . .

The United States is the greatest, most wealthiest, more successful country in the world, and anyone who has traveled to other countries and seen true poverty will realize that for many people $6/hour feeds an entire family.

There is no such thing as “end all immigration.”  You could pass a law whereby all illegal immigrants who are caught living inside the US will be imprisoned by a period not less than 10 years, and still, illegal immigrants would come in droves in hope of a better life.  I wonder why so many people do not understand that, including the anti-immigration groups that I mentioned above?  You simply cannot expect a poor family in Mexico to stay in Mexico and not try to improve their lives by finding work in the United States.  It’s a fallacy.

And what about tourist visas?  Does FAIR want to eliminate all tourism to the U.S. from foreign  visitors?  Why is the tourist visa relevant?  Because one simply way to immigrate to the U.S. illegally is to obtain a tourist visa and then simply over-stay the time limit.  So if “NumbersUSA” wants to totally eliminate all immigration, it better include eliminating all tourism in its thesis because that is what it will take to make “stop all immigration” a reality.

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